One Nation Rally Facts

The ‘one nation’ march is not about the Constitution but the have’s and have nots . . .  [AUDIO] read more

Call To All Americans!

RINOS, Progressives and Communists of EVERY Stripe. This is YOUR wake up call.  If on the other hand you are a real believer of America and it’s freedom than share this video if you are inclined, if you disagree with this video, stock up on whatever you will need to feel better, we suggest the Lord God, because it is going to be a lifetime before this political genotype will ever see control again.  Sign up to comment, it’s quick, easy and free… [VIDEO] read more

Sarah Palin’s New Video “Tea Party”

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Progressivism Doesn’t Work Anywhere In The World

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Brewer Campaign Protests Union Boycotts Over Immigration Law

Jan Brewer’s gubernatorial campaign and the Arizona Republican party planned protests this week outside union offices to pressure them to end an economic boycott of the state. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union was boycotting Arizona in protest of its SB 1070 immigration law, but ended its boycott yesterday.

Brewer’s campaign wanted to turn the tables on unions by using their usual protest messages against them. The protests included “Shame on UFCW/SEIU” signs because unions often use “Shame on” signs to protest companies that hire non-union workers. read more

Stuxnet Computer Worm May Be Aimed at Iran Nuclear Sites, Researcher Says

A computer worm that has infected industrial computers around the world may be part of a campaign targeting nuclear installations in Iran, said Frank Rieger, a computer-security researcher based in Berlin.

The highest concentration of affected systems — about 60 percent — is in Iran, according to data from Symantec Corp., the maker of computer-security software based in Mountain View, California. The Stuxnet worm’s origins and ultimate purpose aren’t fully known, according to Rieger and Symantec. read more

Stop The Hate In November

On October 2 , The NAACP, NBPP, MoveOn.Org, SEIU along with many other groups are hosting a hate gathering at the Lincoln Memorial called “ONE NATION” their first lie is they claim to be gathering to protect jobs, education and the economy.

The real truth why they are gathering is because they want to stop Conservatives…

They like our president do not care about ONE NATION, they want a left Nation. read more

The Republican Pledge Can Work

Ah the Democrats strike as we knew they would… calling the Republicans Pledge to America , A Plague to America…. how quick the Liberal mind is to forget….

In 1994 in a GOP controlled house eighteen months after the Republicans took control, unemployment had dropped to 5.3 percent and then remained at 5 percent or lower for 69 of the remaining 116 months of GOP control of Congress.
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GM Resumes Political Giving

General Motors Co. has begun to once again contribute to political campaigns, lifting a self-imposed ban on political spending put in place during the auto maker’s U.S.-financed bankruptcy restructuring last year.

The company gave $90,500 to candidates running this election cycle, Federal Election Commission records show. read more

What do you know about the Tea Party?

I have seen quite a bit of controversy surrounding the Tea Party Movement. The comments have ranged from it changing the face of American politics to being the single most destructive group of people our country has ever seen. I am curious to know what your views of the Tea party are and, more importantly, what is it you know about the Tea Party Movement? I joined a local Tea Party Group recently. There are actually 5 groups in my area but I chose the one that most closely matched my personal beliefs. I wanted to take a moment to explain to all of you out there why I joined this group and what I hope to accomplish by being a part of it: read more

The Four Stages of Islam Infiltration

There is only one Koran.  There is not “Terrorist Koran” and another called “Peaceful Koran”. There is ONLY ONE, and every Muslim is subject to it and all its teachings.  Those that say they are peaceful, only appear that way until there is full-fledged Sharia Law and a take over of the country.  At that point – YOU are the hostage, the victim, and in many cases, the one slain for your beliefs.  NO other religion is tolerated in any way shape or form under the Koran. read more

If this doesn’t make you get out and vote, nothing will

This video is has the Top 20 Pro-Socialism Sound Bites of Obama,
Advisers and Allies please take the time to listen…
Our freedom, our finances , America all depends on us….
Are we willing to let Progressives just take over,
I say NO……Lets move our feet and get things done…